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Let us help you secure your collateral or asset's. Our repossession agents have over 30 years of repossession experience and are ready to help you get what's yours, back to you safely. As a licensed repossession company in Illinois we can secure pretty much any asset you need recovered from: Cars, Trucks, Semi's, Watercraft and much more.  



Our fleet consists of several self loading wreckers, flatbed tow truck and a DRN camera car. Call and ask how we can help you secure your asset today. 



Our knowledgeable staff are C.A.R.S. trained and state certified, All of our agents have undergone hours of training to be repossession agents. All have passed an extensive background screening and drug test.  

Having a hard time finding your debtors? We have several certified skip-tracers on staff who can assure that your asset is found and recovered.  

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